Singles & Relationshipcoaching and Traumatherapy

About me

Hi, I’m Karen, 32 years old and I work as a singles & relationship coach and Traumahealer. I do sessions online with skype or in my practice in Belgium

As a child I already had the feeling that I was ‘different’ As a highly sensitive person and empath I could feel other people’s feelings and sensed energies. I was already a deep thinker and questioned everything. I was constantly analysing my own and other people’s behavior. I didn’t really know at that time that I was different, I just felt like I was weaker, didn’t fit in anywhere and so stupid. I didn’t feel seen or understood by anyone.When I started dating I went from one traumatic relationship to another. Untill I was 3O and finally ‘woke up’. I was chronically ill (Lyme and CFS) for 4 years and found myself in again, another abusive relationship. I knew I had to make changes… else I would not survive this. I made my own happiness and health priority number 1 and started following my own intuition. I started healing physically and emotionally. At that time I realised I’m an intuitive empath with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizant.

A few months later got trained personally by Teal Swan as a Completion Process Practitioner.

Now I coach people all over the world  in their healing process


Borderline, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Codependency – Narcisme, Toxic Relationships, abandonment trauma, sensitivity, physical and/or emotional abuse, low self esteem/inner critic, cutting, love and illness, betrayel, trust issues, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, allergies, chronically ill, trauma, law of attraction


Much love!!