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About me

Hi, I’m Karen, born on 21ste october 1985 (lifepath 9) in Diest, Belgium.

As a child I already had the feeling that I was ‘different’. As a highly sensitive person and empath I could feel other people’s feelings and sensed energies. I was already a deep thinker and questioned everything. I was constantly analysing my own and other people’s behavior. I didn’t really know at at that time that I was different. I just felt like I was weaker, didn’t fit in anywhere and so stupid. I didn’t feel seen or understood by anyone/

When I started dating I went from one traumatic relationship to another. Untill I was 3O and finally ‘woke up’. I was chronically ill (Lyme, CFS, EBV)) for 4 years and found myself in again, another abusive relationship. I knew I had to make changes… else I would not survive this.

I made my own happiness and health priority number 1 and started following my own intuition. I started healing physically and emotionally. At that time I realised I’m an intuitive empath with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizant.

A few months later I got trained (personally) by Teal Swan as a Completion Process Practitioner.

Now I coach people all over the world  in their healing process


My services


My education

Master Criminology 2009

Bachelor Social work 2010

Coaching with horses 2011 (EAGALA)

The Completion Process Training 2017 (Teal Swan)

Introductiontraining Non Violent Communication 2018



Hope to hear from you!

Much love!!