The Completion Process

Create a new point of attraction

We need to remove our blockages that are keeping us from having the (love) life that we want! Those limiting beliefs (that are created by traumatic experiences) is what is keeping us stuck… Is the reason we find ourselves in the same situations again and again.

Okay! So what do I have to do?

To clear those blockages we have to ‘heal’ ourselves.  It’s actually a ‘bad’ word.. it feels like we need to fix ourselves, which is absolutely not true…

But what happened

As a child you created beliefs of yourself and the world. Those beliefs were created by the experiences we went throught (trauma). You could have for example created the believe: I am not good enough or I am a bad person.

And this beautiful universe (depends on how you see it 🙂 )  is so excited to send us a lot’s of situations and people that will confirm that belief! PROVE!

So we actually truly belief that we aren’t good enough, that we have to work hard to be loved, that we have to change!!

YOU don’t have to change, what you belief does!! You don’t get all these shitty people and circumstances in your life because you are a bad person! NO! It’s because you THINK you are a bad person!

And the universe just reflects to you what you believe you are…!!!

Soooooooooo! We go back to the first time we created that belief AND we change it there!

Not only just that! We go through the emotions and relive that negative experience. We validate ourselves (nobody ever did, but we do now!) and learn to love ourselves unconditionally!

The process used for these session is THE COMPLETION PROCESS  created by Teal Swan

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