The law of attraction

The law of attraction: Simple, yet complex

When you just found out about the law of attraction, you feel the power! The power to be able to create your own life! And to finally get everything you ever wanted. Now you know how it works and you know the tools… Your entire life is about one thing: the law of attraction!

Like attracts like, you attract what you are,… Simple

If you think positive thoughts, more positivity will come to you… Simple

Disease can be healed, money can be manifested, you can attract the lover you want,… The sky is the limit!

Does it work? Yes it does, I know. People called me queen of LOA because I was so freakin good at manifesting everything that I wanted. I healed my lyme disease with the law! I started my own business and of course…. I wanted that lover that I was dreaming about! I made a whole list of things:

  • I want somebody who lives really really close (in walking distance)
  • When we meet we will look at each other, and know that this is forever
  • I want somebody who makes me feel relaxed and calm
  • I want to live with him in a farmstyle house
  • I want him to love animals
  • I want us to be inseparable since the day we meet
  • I want him to be deeply in love with me and vice versa

I could go on. But the main important thing…. a few weeks later… it all came true! I was completely mesmerized. But not surprised because I knew the law works!

At that time I also applied for Teal’s training ‘the completion process’. I never travelled, I live in Belgium and I didn’t even had the money to pay for the trip or the training. But I already knew I didn’t had to worry… it would all work out

And it did! I got selected and found the money to pay for the trip.

I’m proof that the law absolutely works! And I wanted everybody to know!! It really was the ‘secret’ of life, the ‘rule’ of life. Life is a game and you just got to know the rules. And I thought I got it! I was fucking Queen of LOA, and I was destined to teach people about this!!

Little did I know…

Few months later my life turned into a true hell! My relationship became torture…  and the new friends I made… they suddenly started ignoring me.

How was this even possible? WTF happened?

The law of attraction is simple, yet complex. You will attract not only what you want, but you will attract people in your life that mirror your unhealed trauma. The beliefs you’ve created, the emotions you’re suppressing.

You attract what you are, ‘the law of mirroring’. That looks simple right? But who are you actually? You have to dive deep for a long time to really know who you are.

You can attract that person that completely describes your list of preferences, but at the same time, that person will mirror that unhealed part of yourself… And if you feel like nobody cares about you.. that’s exactly what will be mirrored to you.

Ok… so that’s simple… then I’ll just heal myself in speed tempo!! I guess you could do that… But then don’t forget that you will never be able to control every aspect of your life.. Why? Because also your higher self is a point of attraction. So some things will happen in your life, whether you like it or not… Because they are supposed to happen! Because it creates your expansion…

So before you get all to exited about the law, and feel that you finally have power over your life…. Remember that it’s not that simple, and that you will never be able to walk away from pain…

As Queen of LOA, knowing how it works, and knowing the pittfalls… The best advice I could give you is…


You must be willing to get rid of the life you’ve planned, so you can have the life that’s waiting for you


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