The Completion Process

Create a new point of attraction

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We need to remove our blockages that are keeping us from having the (love) life that we want! Those limiting beliefs (that are created by traumatic experiences) is what is keeping us stuck… Is the reason we find ourselves in the same situations again and again. Okay! So what do I have to do? To clear […]

My life's updates

Give up on happiness

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I feel like I’ve already lived a thousand years. Like several lifetimes squeezed into one. Whole my life I’ve been hopping from relationship to relationship, hoping to finally find that one person that would make me happy! That would make me feel safe! That would make me feel loved! And I did! But THAT made […]


How to deal with toxic people?

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I’ve been reading a lot about toxic people and toxic relationships lately. Cause my life was full of ‘toxic’ people. After kicking them out and starting fresh, I was sure never to let them in my life again. But I just keep attracting them… I had a huge lesson to learn… What could this lesson […]