HSP Coaching

In these coaching sessions the focus lays on creating your own instruction guide. Finding a way of life that works for you!

I know what it’s like to be higly sensitive and what a struggle it can be. You don’t only have less energy then most people, you also think differently, feel differently, process things differently,… But mostly you feel alone in this world, misunderstood, and just plain different… Which causes you for example to feel weak and incompetent because you don’t fit in this society, like most people do.

What we’ll be covering during our sessions:

  • what are triggers that get you out of balance and make you overstimulated
  • preventing, recognizing and dealing with overstimulation
  • how to recharge yourself
  • learning to get to know yourself: what do you want, how do you feel, what do you need?
  • learning to set boundaries
  • trauma healing (completion process): what beliefs, fears, insecurities are holding you back from the life you want to live?


How many sessions: +/- 10 sessions