Singles & Relationship Coaching

.As a highly sensitive person and intuïtive empath, it’s really easy for me to feel your feelings and immediatly go to the core issue. This means we only need a short amount of sessions to get results.

I do expect of you that you are ready to look at yourself and your feelings honestly and open.

For whom?

  • Singles that keep attracting the wrong partner and want to change this!
  • Couples looking for relationshipcoaching
  • Individual’s that are in a relationship and want individual coaching.



In our session we will look for the reasons why you keep attracting the wrong people and what is blocking you from attracting the partner you desire. We look at your previous relationships: What went wrong? What are your negative patterns? And especially: what do you want in a relationship?


Are you having a relationship but things are not working out as you’d like? Then we have a coaching session to gain more awareness in your relationship and finding the root cause of your problems

During couples coaching you learn to understand each other, become aware of your own patterns and re-establish your connection.

What we’ll be covering:

  • Understanding each other
  • What are your patterns? What are your wants and needs?
  • What are your love languages?
  • Talking to each other in an easy and loving way
  • Expressing emotions and feeling safe with each other
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Attachtment styles
  • Boundaries

Individual coaching

You’d like relationshipcoaching but your partner isn’t up for it? No problem, then I work with you individually. The same things will be covered as in couplescoaching, but with a deeper focus on you: How do you feel in the relationship? What are your needs and wants? How can stand into your own power?

When you’re more aware of yourself and your relationship, you’ll be more concious in your relationship and stand in your power more, which will have an immediate effect on your relationship.


My Specialties

  • Narcissistic – Codependent relationship
  • Relationship with somebody who has BPD (borderline personality disorder)
  • Relationships and chronic disease
  • Betrayel
  • Aggression
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Addiction
  • HSP/empath
  • Law of attraction
  • Shame


I always advice to combine coaching with traumatherapy. Trauma is the root cause of our relationship problems. By resolving our trauma’s we will become whole again and less triggered. This has an immediate effect on your relationships and your point of attraction.

Sessions online with Skype or Zoom