Karen is a very empathetic, supportive and patient practitioner. It was easy to trust her completely and feel safe and validated throughout the entire session.
We worked on an issue which I didn’t think anyone would really be able to relate to (because noone who I had talked to about it before did). But to Karen I didn’t even have to explain anything because she immediately knew exactly how I felt. From that point on it was as if she was not only guiding me but also going through the experience with me.
I am extremely grateful for how Karen has helped me and that I got to do the  Process with her. Thank you so much!

Timon, Germany

Karen is an old soul. You can feel her wisdom and complete presence during sessions. She has an energy of allowing, simply by connecting with you during her calls. I felt at ease during our session and was able to access memories and emotions easily. She has a gift and I have no doubt she will help many people! Highly intuitive, non-judge mental and understanding. She’s also just a really sweet person. I highly recommend Karen in your emotional healing process.

Eleni, Texas

Karen is just awesome! I instantly felt a strong connection with her and made me feel safe giving me full permission to open up and begin my healing. speaking to her always makes me feel safe but especially not alone in my situation. I really enjoy her sessions and I am very grateful for the sessions she has giving me. They are intense but extremely helpful to understand myself and start finding resolution. I recommend Karen 100% !!!!!

Alejandra, Miami

Karen is a great listener, I enjoyed her calming presence and wisdom. I booked 5 sessions – talking about personal issue first, and relationship issue later. After each session I felt better, quieter, understood. She is a very good guide, very good at redirecting the conversation and detecting the underlying issue.
I’m very grateful and honoured to have had the privilege to receive her guidance and suggestions. Thanks very much Karen

Phillip, Czech Republic