The Completion Process

Trauma is the result of every negative event that was so painful that we suppressed our emotions. At the time of the trauma we only had one way to deal with the situation, and that was to dissociate in one way or another. This means you left a part of yourself behind and have an unhealed part in yourself that wants to come up.

Unresolved trauma gets bigger and keeps repeating itself. For example: If nobody tolerated you as a child and didn’t care about how you felt (trauma) then you will run into situations and people that will give you the same feeling (law of attraction). By gaining more awareness into or trauma and resolving it, we get the chance to become whole again, to become ourselves again.

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When we hear the word trauma we think about severe traumatic experiences like rape or war, but trauma is much more then this. Everybody has some kind of unresolved trauma

examples are:

  • emotional abuse, neglect, rejection, being ignored, invalidation
  • not being heard, seen, understood or respected
  • being bullied
  • physical abuse
  • narcissistic abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • abandonment
  • developmental trauma, childhood trauma
  • growing up with alcoholism
  • being blamed, shamed, seen as a bad person, or not good enough

The completion process (CP)

We start from a trigger ( a strong emotional reaction). We feel into this trigger and are unconditionally with the feelings and sensations that arise with it.

After validating and being completely present with this emotion, we ask ourselves: when was the first time I felt like this? We don’t go looking for the answer but let it come up intuitivly. Like images, memories, smells, sensations,..

Once we’re in the memory, we step into the scene and relive, but this time in our mind, we alter the circumstances. If you for example have a memory about your father hitting you when you were six years old, you now get the chance to step into the scene and defend your child self, give comfort or take him/her somewhere safe.

It’s a process with different steps, but the sessions are never predictable. We follow your intuition and your emotions, without holding on to the standard steps. It’s always a surprise where it takes us.

This process is called the completion process and was designed by spiritual leader Teal Swan.


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