Unlock Your Inner Divinity

Welcome to Inanna

At Inanna, our mission is simple: to empower everyone to harness the health of legends through premium products and education. Founded by brothers Dillon and Keegan Brady, our company is built on a deep-seated belief in love, acceptance, and community. We are committed to providing the best healing products and community support available to all, regardless of privilege or background.

Our Philosophy

We believe in bridging the best of Western science with the wisdom of ancient Eastern holistic practices. Think of us as the Robin Hood of healing—bringing top-quality, effective products to everyone, without the negatives. Our aim is to educate, inform, and provide a safe space for everyone to explore what works best for them. We believe that everyone is divine and deserves to feel that way, inside and out.

Our Founders

Dillon and Keegan Brady have been on a unique and intense healing journey, overcoming past traumas and physical ailments. Their personal experiences and extensive research have shaped Inanna's philosophy and approach. They are dedicated to ethical and transparent business practices, always seeking to improve their capabilities for love, acceptance, and education.

What Makes Us Unique

Our products are the best of the best—no excess, no frills, no additives. Everything is sustainably and ethically sourced, ensuring no harm to the environment or our customers. We don't just provide top-tier products; we empower our customers with the knowledge and community support to make the most of them.

Commitment to Quality and Community

In our ten years of operation, we've helped thousands of satisfied clients on their healing journeys. We give back to our local communities through free workshops, homeless outreach, support groups, and energetic healing ceremonies like sound baths and breathwork.

Our Vision for the Future

We envision a world where Inanna products are in every home, bringing health and healing to all. Our goal is to scale our quality alongside our growth, ensuring that we continue to provide the best products for fair prices. We believe in being open and vulnerable, sharing our journey with the world, and using our success to fund a future where healing is accessible to everyone, free of charge.

Join Us

We invite you to join our community and embark on your own healing journey. At Inanna, we are here to support you with love, acceptance, and the best products available. Together, we can all remember our wholeness and divinity.

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